List of world’s top 10 longest rivers

A river is a stream flowing on the ground floor, the source of which is usually a lake, glacier, waterfall or rain water and is absorbed in an ocean or lake. It is of two types – Snow-fed or Rain-fed. List of world’s top 10 longest rivers

10. Lena River

Location: Russia

Kilometer: 4,294

Mile: 2736

  1. Amur – Argun River

Location: Russia, China, Mongolia

Kilometer: 4444

Mile: 2763

  1. Congo River

Location: Central Africa

Kilometer: 4700

Mile: 2922

  1. Ob-Irish River

Location: Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia

Kilometer: 5410

Mile: 3364

  1. Yellow River (The Yellow River)

Location: China

Kilometer: 5464

Mile: 3398

  1. Yenisei – Angara – Selenga River

Location: Russia, Mongolia

Kilometer: 5539

Mile: 3445

  1. Mississippi-Missouri River

Location: United States

Kilometer: 6275

Mile: 3902

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  1. Yangtze River

Location: China

Kilometer: 6300

Mile: 3917

  1. Nile River

Location: North East Africa

Kilometer: 6,853

Mile: 4258.25

  1. Amazon River

Location: South America

Kilometer: 6,992

Mile: 4344.62

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